Missions & Benefits

Serving the Austro – American economies

AmCham Austria promotes the expansion and strengthening of trade and commerce relations between Austria and the US, and in doing so, it plays a dual role. Firstly, AmCham Austria assumes the role of an active lobbyist for US companies which have established branches in Austria and for Austrian companies that have commercial relations and interests in the United States. Secondly, AmCham promotes new business relationships of American companies in Austria and vice versa.

Networking opportunities & events

AmCham Austria hosts regular events and networking opportunities for members to connect with other business leaders and decision-makers in the US-Austria trade community. The event offering includes AmCham Talks, Research Talks, Business Luncheons and special events with US embassy representation.

Access to US embassy and political decision makers

As a member of AmCham Austria you have access to the resources and support of the US embassy in Austria, including the ability to connect with political decision makers in the US and Austria. Members can use the platform to engage in discussions and advocacy efforts on trade and investment policies.


AmCham Austria represents the interests of its members in policy discussions and advocacy efforts. This includes lobbying for policies that support interests of the American and Austrian businesses.

Access to exclusive information

AmCham Austria provides information and resources on economic and policy issues related to US-Austria trade and investment. This includes market research, policy analyses and other information that helps you to stay informed about the business environment.

Our members about AmCham

It is a strong platform bringing together people from various areas and backgrounds who all want to make a difference in our world.

Michael Kreppel-Friedbichler, General Manager Biogen Austria GmbH
Our Members about AmCham

I am generally a big fan of AmCham (by the way, also in Switzerland) and would like to contribute with a lot of commitment to expand this great chamber even further and to help shape essential topics. 

Sebastian Mörth, Principal Government Affairs Austria & Switzerland Medtronic
Our Members about AmCham

The two countries have a long history of collaboration in science and research, with joint projects as well as partnerships in the area of medicine, engineering and environmental science. Further collaborations between the US and Austria can help address global challenges such as climate change and cyber security.

Linda Villarreal-Paierl Owner & Managing Partner, Paierl Consulting
Our Members about AmCham

Being part of this initiative [Empower Her] has been the best AmCham experience for me so far. I also enjoy events that involve the arts and theatre. 

Jean-Pierre Kallanian, Owner EPIConsulting