Austria – about reading between lines

Austria – about reading between lines and the natural dynamics of evolutional progress – such a unique, unbeatable strength!

I am writing this article literally over the Atlantic – on flight from the dynamic, innovative global leading research and education hub of Boston to the marvelous, historical and most livable city of the world – Wien! And I am fan of both environments, both cultures, both countries – and frequently traveling across the Atlantic. So, here we go, some of my thoughts:

Keep things in an unexcited flow – „schau ma’“ (=“we’ll see“), which can slowly and securely lead to a fade out and literally to nothing – or in opposite to some organically, sometimes even incidentally generated synergetic effects and outcomes with tremendous added value! This very specific acting and time pace in so many times lead to future solutions and collaborations, where in U.S. likely people would already since light ages move to other options or plans. Likely Austrians inspired themselves in the wine industry, where they are (among other industries of course) – really high level. Wine gains quality when it’s ripe, authentic, increases value and gets more mature characteristic with time! Phenomenal. With age comes wisdom. With patience comes higher reward. A deep-rooted strategy in a completely different dynamic! I know, sounds a little bit confusing and if you’re from the other W or any other nice place on the globe, hard to grip what’s that about, it’s somehow not tangible. But exactly that’s the non-beatable, hidden power behind. Austrians are masters in managing natural, synergetic and stable flow for an evolutionary, ongoing and continuous progress. Comparable to the dynamics of the Danube river – broad, mature, flowing and passing by – drop by drop – but as total forming a predictable, stable stream, step by step moving literally ALL of the boats! And this quality is also reflected in the Austrian very stable social security system. This is a point, where U.S. could have a look at.

U.S. – all of US, together, strong and stronger – to (re-) do, (re-) build, (re-)start, (re -) create – with high courage! Driven by outstanding motivation and energy to shine and succeed – 100% plus – WOW!

It’s such a valuable part of the (not only business) culture in the U.S. – acceptance of failure and screw-ups. Actually, in opposite, when you learn and grow from what went wrong, it even pushes you much faster farther and it’s treated with respect – that you didn’t gave up and moved on! And it’s fully accepted to talk about the details – as a part of learning & future success journey. So helpful for the concrete individual or team – but also for others! Life and business have always up’s and down’s. Nobody’s perfect. This open attitude encourages to try, test, work it out again and again maybe in a different way, create more … with high confidence! This environment builds a strong fundament for innovation and a vibrant, team-driven ecosystem. Which goes hand in hand with such a strong culture of empowerment! The collective, open communication based on proactive reaching out to each other – and encouraging each other! This understanding of the U.S. based friends is unique, refreshing – and so welcoming – from heart. Literally, people are motivating each other to shine locally, globally – and across the universe! As there is no limit or gap in thinking and creating visions – especially when aiming to make a difference for the better of… That’s the reasoning behind the high progress happening in the U.S. and the global impact – the openminded understanding and appetite to leave a footprint.  So in that environment – don’t be afraid to stand out – with an opinion, idea or plan. The ultimate go-for-it spirit. Another clue to success: sounds simple, but unbelievably powerful – talking to each other! Making new friends, sharing stories, sharing constructive energy. That’s what brings people together – for a joint progress and the better masterpiece(s). Would love to feel more of those vibes in Wien and around Austria!

Let’s together- dive in! But not too deep. Fly high! But in a safe altitude.

In multicultural relations (and even very frequently in local relations), sometimes it’s not easy to find the balance – the sweet spot, the compromise.Is it a different understanding of details, various focus or flow of meetings and communication. Or involvement of the parties – and dynamics of negotiations. Scratching on the surface and flying over sometimes doesn’t reallygive the opportunity to dive into the very last detail. Could be classified and felt as superficial, ingenuous and full of exaggerated optimism. But yes, this positioning very frequently prevents headache and troubles – good mood, good feeling, good for all! Easy to say YES! Me personally, such a friend of that attitude. Although, sometimes a larger focus on detail, critically questioning what is behind, the famous „why?“ Qs in many varieties can prevent some distracted and maybe too intuitive decisions. Such as – why do we need that? Why shall we try something new? Why shall we undergo risk? But those Qs are just useful when used like rare spices, in the right, minimalistic doses. Because answers like = we always did it like that. For ages. Decades. Centuries. A full prevention of innovation.

So, when diving, as always, better to have some limits of the depth you’re moving in. Too much depth, details and questioning can lead to overstated worries and again in the exactly opposite mode to distracted, too intuitive decisions. Easy/better to say NO in that context. Mitigating risk, preventing failure – but also preventing progress.

So – let’s stay all together in the balanced detail/high-level setting and enthusiastic/skepticism mode! Not specifying who’s more operating where, let’s leave that to the individual opinion of the reader – and evaluation of individual personalities and contexts. Just a general intercultural management impulse question. I didn’t think about any concrete people, characters or situations when writing that part of the article. Till approximately 15 minutes ago – yay!

Time management and speed of response

Here both sides of the Atlantic Ocean could literally meet halfway – too fast and under working pressure doesn’t give enough space to calmly operate – but too slow frequently leads to the loss of momentum, energy and drive. Let’s jointly balance and meet and act in-between! Move together, in a dynamic and active, although thought-through and comfy pace. Win – Win for both W and W.

W and W – in some points different, but based on the same core values The points addressed before are just some cherries on the cake, small special (partly over exaggeratedly) pointed out characteristics which make intercultural and international management, business and relations such fun and an adventurous discipline! But what is always important to keep in mind – in the underlying characteristic, we can see so much in common on the axis W and W, Austria and the United States of America. Both W and W, all the awesome people living in both capital cities and both countries, trying to make the world a better place, day by day. Based on the same values of fostering an open, democratic, prosperous society and peaceful together for a secure future. This is a fundament for a strong understanding of each other and development of harmonic, long-term relationships based on trust.

Please interact / share / agree or disagree / reach me out in any case!

Dagmar Dvorakova

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